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  • 08/18/19 - STOP UPLOADING PICTURES OF CHILDREN. The rules are very clear. Knock it off. School uniforms, kids cartoon characters, stop it.
  • 11/15/17 - ABSOLUTELY NO USERS OR IMAGES UNDER 18 :: This includes images set in schools or childrens' cartoons.


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Shinku: I like how the rules state that only monster/tentacle stuff is allowed, and no bestiality, and as an addition to that thought, it says to post Pokemon elsewhere.

I wish that whoever wrote that would just say that they personally don't like Pokemon and are imposing that on the rules, rather than suggesting that Pokemon = bestiality.

For one thing, Pokemon literally has "monster" in the name. On top of that, A LOT of Pokemon are designed after plants, blobs/slime, inanimate objects, and tentacle creatures. None of those categories fall under bestiality. Not even close.

Sure, there are Pokemon based on animals, but do you know what else is based on animals? The demon dogs, the hell hounds, the werewolves, the pig men, etc.. If those Pokemon count as bestiality, then under those exact same rules so do those images here too.

Hell, I chose to comment on this picture because there's an octopus in it. This site has tons of octopi pictures. I have no problem with them. But octopi are ANIMALS. They 100% fall under BESTIALITY.

If an octopus, jellyfish, or squid Pokemon counts as bestiality, then absolutely so do the actual octopi, jellyfish, and squid images on this site.

I don't want those images taken down. I'm just using them as examples to show how silly, baseless, and stupid the Pokemon rule is. It is 100% just because of a personal dislike of Pokemon pictures. The "it's bestiality" excuse not only doesn't hold up in itself, but it also reveals blatant double standards, and double standards are to rules what plot holes are to stories.

On top of that, the rules seem to similarly equate "school uniform = children". This ignores that there are schools for people of college age that have uniforms. This also ignores that in MOST of the states in the US (and by extension, most of the world), the legal age is 16 (or 17), which would also be school uniform age. It's even younger in Japan, which is the culture where the majority of this art comes from.

Sure, underage characters may be wearing school uniforms in some drawings, but that doesn't mean that "school uniform = children" automatically. It should be looked at in a case-by-case basis. Not to mention that wearing school uniforms seems to be a part of Japanese culture, or at least when it comes to anime/manga and hentai. Makes it hard to avoid.

I mean, maybe this site isn't exactly "hentai"-based, but still, it doesn't take much deductive reasoning to realize that a school uniform doesn't automatically mean that a character is a child. A CHILD wearing a school uniform means that character is a child. As far as the vast (as in, ridiculously vast) majority of the world (and even US) is concerned, 16 and up is fine.

Anyway, yeah... summary - Dogs/wolves of any kind = bestiality, and octopus definitely = bestiality. If they're allowed, there's absolutely no logical reason why Pokemon aren't, aside from personal bias.

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Azrael: That's a long rant for something you know fuck all about.

Pokemon go elsewhere because it is more relevant to Ychan. Virtually all pokemon pictures get deleted because they feature children. It has fuck all to do with animals or personal bias.

The octopodes in this picture aren't real. look at them. There are some that are still on and they get assessed on a case by case basis, they rarely look realistic.

As to children, the age of consent in different places is immaterial. The minimum age for porn is 18. School uniforms mean children 99.9% of the time. There are very very rarely school uniform pictures involving adults.

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Shinku: The Pokemon picture that recently got deleted didn't feature a child. Where's the justification for that? It had a clearly grown woman, and a Pokemon that was a tentacle plant. Nothing about the picture violated what's stated as not allowed here. I don't even care about Pokemon porn tbh, but the principle of the whole thing and the apparent lack of logic behind it is what got me annoyed.

And it doesn't matter if it "looks realistic" or not. They're drawings, so they're not real to begin with. It's an octopus. Plain and simple. Whether it's a cartoon one or not does NOT change that fact, even remotely. It's not just limited to this picture. But if you're gonna go with that logic, Pokemon look even less realistic in terms of the creature they're based on. Octillery looks like less of a real octopus than this or other octopi on this site.

And don't get me started on the hellhounds. They are straight up dogs. Doesn't matter if they're demon dogs. They are still dogs. The rest of the internet recognizes them as bestiality.

But you know, it's fine if you simply don't want any Pokemon pictures here. But don't make it seem like there's another reason behind it. A lot of the images don't feature children. At worst they're ambiguous, which still isn't the same as straight up featuring children. Again, the image that got deleted featured neither animals nor children.

Like take this image here for instance:

If I posted that here with the same tags, it would probably get deleted. But Officer Jenny isn't a child, and also, surprise surprise, that's not actually a Pokemon in the picture. It's miss-tagged as an Octilery, but is actually an Octorok from LoZ. It looks about as much like an octopus as anything else tagged with "octopus" here, but I'm almost certain it would only get deleted if I posted it here and tagged it as Octillery from Pokemon, without explaining that it's not.

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Shinku: Also porn laws aren't universal, especially if we're including hentai. Again, different cultures for different regions. The legal age for porn is 18 in the US. That doesn't extend to the rest of the world.

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Shinku: And I'm pretty sure that only applies to real people who star in porn. The thing with art is that it's transformative. You can take a character who's normally young, and draw them to be much older. Same how you can take a man and draw them as a woman, or take someone and draw them as an entirely different species. It's impossible to outright state the age of drawn characters with absolute authority. If the drawn character looks older, and they got a good set of T&A, then it's fine. No one's gonna prosecute you, because there's nothing to go on. It doesn't violate any of the laws. Worst you'd get is claims of copyright, which is something that any fanart that features a licensed character is subject to.

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Shinku: Also the number of kids who wear school uniforms is not 99.9%. It's high, but not THAT high in comparison. Still, even if it was that high, that doesn't mean that "school uniform = children" automatically. You forget that school uniforms is a fetish, especially in the East. I've seen plenty of well-known (non child) characters drawn in school uniform for that reason alone.

Same way I see a lot of characters drawn as mermaids, or in a maid's outfit, or in a witch's dress. Doesn't mean they're actually school kids, or mermaid, or maids, or witches, or what have you. I was just pointing out the hole in that logic, that it shouldn't just be auto deleted if there happens to be a uniform on the character. Again it's not even a fetish that I'm personally into. I have one specific fetish which should be easy to spot by now.

I just like pointing out when shit doesn't add up or make sense.

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Shinku: I mean, if you're going by only 18 or higher, you'd lose a good chunk of images since most of them are hentai which feature younger characters. Ryuko Matoi is 17, for instance.

Hell, Yoko Littner is FOURTEEN.

I could go on. There's a surprising number of characters who, by what you said, would need to be removed from this site. Pokemon isn't the only series to feature kids. Most anime characters are.
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Breedinggirl: I don’t think we need to argue about this. What’s done is done. Let’s just enjoy the images

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The_Mr_J: I agree with @Breedinggirl.

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Shinku: What's done is in fact done. This would be in regards to the future.

Such as rightfully tagging bestiality pictures (funny how there was already a tag for it) to make them easier to detect and do with them what one will, which should reflect the stated rules. Those rules should apply to everything.

And not having double standards, which would mean that, unfortunately, characters like Ryuko and Yoko would need to go.

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Shinku: Unless one submits to the idea that, just because a character is a certain age in a series, that it doesn't mean they are that age in ALL illustrations, and can be drawn as older, just like how people naturally aren't age-locked to one moment in time.

But then, this rule would apply to all characters who are drawn this way as well, even Pokemon ones and the like.

It's more so about a rule actually applying to everything, so that it can be taken seriously.

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Azrael: If you know characters are under 18 then you should have reported them. Yes, porn laws are different in different countries, and? We go by US rules for several reasons, and an anime character under 18 is child pornography and carries the penalties to go with it. That's why it shouldn't be uploaded and should be reported. School uniform pictures in porn that get posted here are virtually all children. I've been doing this a long time, I know the laws, and I know what I am talking about. You don't. Your opinion of the rules or the way they are applied is not relevant or important.

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Azrael: In the almost twelve years that this site has been running, the rules have changed to reflect ownership changes, and legal changes in several countries. We do our best to keep up to date. There are 70,000 images on this site, there aren't enough hours in the day to go back through everything and delete images that no longer fit the requirements.
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Nicebreasts: So basically any of those Yoko litner and similar pics are going away

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Shinku: I never reported it because I saw this site as any of the others like rule34, gelbooru, sankaku complex, etc., none of which care about ANY of that. And yeah, this site similarly didn't care, and it still shouldn't. Constantly changing the rules will result in waves of pictures - that were once fine - being deleted and it presents a lack of consistency and firm grounding.

Not to mention that the internet is not the US. It's international. The US is not the entire world. No single nation has a claim over the internet. It is still a free space.

Still, it didn't take long to simply type the names of well-known underaged characters and have them pop up. I've no problem with them being here, personally. I don't think ANYONE does. They are two widely sexualized characters, and it's easy to see why. That includes pretty much EVERY site that features them, since they are sexualized characters and and of themselves. That's why such a strict rule is pretty silly.

Furthermore, "virtually all" =/= all. Monika, Natsuki, and the rest of the characters from DDLC all wear school uniforms, but they're confirmed by the creator himself that they're all over 18. I haven't seen them posted here yet, but still you absolutely can't just go by uniform alone. A very quick google search of a character's name will give you their age.

I'm also well aware of the laws. I don't see where you would base your conjecture that I don't. I even brought up that all fanart images featuring licensed characters are subject to copyright, which is the most you'll get hit by, and pointed out that the age for porn is not a blanket 18. For instance, in the UK it's 16. Again, the internet is generally a regionless domain (especially with a VPN) that usually anyone in the world can access.

Especially since art is not the same as real porn that stars real people, because again, art is transformative. A character can be drawn to be any age the artist wants. Being fictional, there is no factual concrete age for them, unlike with real people. The same standards that apply to real people don't apply to fictional art.

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Shinku: I mean, you are still free to run things how you want. Can't change that. But I am "spitting tru fax" here. Nothing that I've just pointed out is objectively incorrect.

And the case with that Pokemon picture that started me off on this rant, the person in the picture was definitely not a child and the Pokemon featured was no kind of animal.

The character in it is the unnamed female protagonist in Pokemon GO. Neither she nor the male protagonist are canon. Pokemon GO wasn't made by any of the companies that handle Pokemon stuff. They're simply meant to be the player, and have no concrete age. And I mean, they look pretty adult to me:

But it doesn't matter because, again, they have no given age. It does help that they look like adults, but the lack of an official given age means that they cannot be claimed to be underage. Not to mention that, again again, characters can also be drawn to be older, which absolutely skewers any legal penalties that would come with underage characters. As an extreme example, if you draw say... Yuuki Mikan as a middle aged or old woman, NO ONE is gonna say that you're featuring a child, because they wouldn't be able to.

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Shinku: The real point I was making was everything really should be done an an individual case-by-case basis, rather than throwing them all under a blanket. In the case with characters, the official characters do (if given) have concrete ages, but that does NOT extend to unofficial fanart.

Here's a pretty easy-to-understand reason of how the art dictates the character rather than the character themselves. Kagome from Inuyasha is 15 at the start of the series, and 18 by the end of it. Since she ends at 18, that means she's automatically 18, right?

Not quite. What if a fanart of her features the version of her from the beginning of the series? You can't go just by what their current official age is. It depends entirely on how they're drawn.

And that concept extends to characters being drawn to be older than they are in official works, too. That's why fanart is really hard to peg down legally. This isn't just my opinion of how fanart is handled. It's how it's actually handled. Clearly you can draw underage kids, but if the character doesn't look underage (or rather, looks of age), then they can't make a legal case against it, because at best the person who drew it can claim to have drawn them to be older, and at worst the original artist can't be found and no statement on the character's age can be made, since it's not an official work of art and not conclusive to the official artist's original vision. It has been transformed.

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Shinku: As such, to help out, if I see a character that LOOKS underaged, I will definitely tag it with "Underaged" to make it easier to find and delete. If a character looks like they could be 18, there's not much I could do, especially if I don't know the character's name and can't look them up to find out.

But, again, that age doesn't matter when it comes to non canon fanart. Sure, people irl can look underaged when they're in fact in their 20s, but since these are non canon works of art based on fictional characters to begin with, the only thing I can judge by is how they look.
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Nicebreasts: You might want to tell that to the EU since they believe they might control the internet one day. Yes, I think they plan on banning all porn

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Azrael: don't tag anything as underage, use the report button, that's what it is for.

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Azrael: Ok, you really don't know what you are talking about having to read through all these posts of yours.

You keep harping on about school uniforms but the example you use, you also confirm isn't on here. So what is the point exactly?

You are the one bringing up 'official'ages. Do they look like children? Are they clearly children? They get deleted. If there are characters on here who are underage, report those images. This isn't rocket science.

No Pokemon is the rule, post them to Ychan. That's it. That's the rule. I don't care what you think about what SORT of Pokemon they are, or how old the characters might be. Put them on Ychan. What they do with their rules is their issue.

Nobody is interested in what you think of as consistent rules. The laws have changed over the years, and we have had to change with it. That isn't always easy to do on a site so large, it takes time.

I don't care what age the restrictions are in specific countries, this site, the limit is 18. Because if you are in the US where there's an 18 limit, and you look at or download an image of someone who is 16, you can be prosecuted. That is the law. You can't argue that the internet is regionless, or that it is legal in other countries. Similarly with bestiality. Certain countries like the US and Canada have ruled that hentai of underage people, or of animals, is classed the same way as real photos of illegal acts. If a site hosts illegal pictures, you can be prosecuted for visiting that site even if you don't look at the pictures in question. We don't want our members to be prosecuted anywhere in the world for enjoying themselves.

Your claim that all drawings are fictional and therefore can't be viewed as underage, or that the artist is needed to confirm ages, is literally not true. It has been tried in courts and people have been found guilty. Copyright is not the only thing you have to worry about.

So once again, if you know a character is underage, report any pictures with them in. Don't upload pokemon pictures, don't upload school pictures, or underage pictures. It isn't hard.
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T00t00: While we’re here: please don’t report stuff just because your butthurt makes you want to burn everything down.
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T00t00: although to be fair to the guy, “just post it on ychan” would work better if this shit ever actually *got* posted to ychan...

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Azrael: Certainly that's true, but I don't run YChan. The person who owns TR also owns YChan and wants them to be kept separate content wise. So he wants Pokemon to go on there. What happens on that site isn't my business, I just run this one.

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Shinku: For all I know, DDLC stuff isn't here because it gets deleted due to school uniforms. But even if it's never been posted here, there's always the possibility that it could, or other pictures of the same context. The simple point I'm making, that shouldn't need any explaining, is that school uniforms don't automatically mean the character is a child. Even if it were just one character out of millions (which it's not), that still invalidates it as an absolute. Context is needed before giving it the hammer.

And if we're going by whether or not a character looks like a child, then a lot of stuff is fine to stay. Yoko Littner looks like she's in her 20s, and as the images of her here are all fan art, it's literally impossible to say she's 14 in any of them, because it's not official art.

I only brought them up to say "Y'know, if we're gonna split hairs about Pokemon characters, that goes for pretty much ALL anime characters as well". So if the reason for deleting them is because the characters are normally underage in official illustrations, there goes about half of the images on this site.

I also was never against Pokemon having to be posted on Ychan. It was the reasoning given behind it. If that's simply the rule because someone wants it that way, then that's absolutely fine. What isn't fine is to tack on bullshit reasons like "It's bestiality" or "characters are underaged". Again, the image that was deleted featured neither bestiality nor underage characters, so giving those as the reasons for why they're deleted is 100% bullshit. On top of that, given there's plenty of bestiality here that's considered fine and the fact that so many of the characters posted here are originally underage, that also paints the ruling as a double standard.

But if you simply say "We just don't want Pokemon here" or "We think it fits better on Ychan", then that's fine. But if someone says it's because those images feature underage characters, I'm gonna call them out for BS.

Also everything you posted about the legal rulings is objectively incorrect. True you can be prosecuted for fictional drawings, but it's not that simple because there's no concrete ages. If the character does not look underage, there is absolutely nothing that can be done against someone looking at said images. The people who were found guilty were clearly looking at images of characters who looked like kids. If you take a character who is officially 12 in the series they come from, and draw them as an elderly person, the courts will not find you guilty of drawing an underage character, because what you drew was an elderly person. There's no arguing this point. If I drew Yoko Littner and said "This is my rendition of her as a 20 year old" or "This is Yoko in her 40s", what are they gonna prosecute me for? For drawing a 20 year old? No, they're not, because they can't.

Sure this has nothing to do with anything about this site, but the notion that you cannot draw a character to be something they're originally not is factually incorrect.

Take Nami for instance. If art wasn't transformative, then you could draw her to be 10 years old and jerk off to her and it won't be a problem because officially she's 18-20, even though in the fanart she's clearly drawn as a minor. That would definitely not be ok. There is definitely a distinction between official works and transformed fanart. People who make fanart aren't bound to the constraints of the original creators. They don't have to make the characters the same age, gender, or even species. At that point, the original characters can be viewed as mere inspirations for the fanart, with the varying degrees that the character was transformed.

This is definitely a case that can be made. It's the same with fair use, where using copyrighted material is fine if it's transformative. In this case, just because a character is a teenage girl in official works doesn't mean they can't be a baby, a young kid, an adult, an elderly woman, or even a man.

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Shinku: I also had actually never seen the report button until now. Never bothered to report images and whatnot, so yeah I'll use that.

Also why even bring up about reporting stuff just to make everything burn? I'm 100% positive that reports get reviewed by an admin, so that literally couldn't happen anyway.

I mean, according to the rules, all stuff featuring octopi, dogs, wolves, etc. of any kind COULD be reported for obvious bestiality, but I honestly don't care. It's apparent that the rest of the site doesn't care either. Given how many anime characters are on here, I doubt most care about the ages either, as long as they look legal.

If anything, I'd be really lax with the report feature. When I DO report something, it would absolutely only be if it violated something.

But unfortunately, if you wanted me to report EVERY character here that's officially under 18, you'd have to set aside an entire day deleting them, because that's like 99% of anime characters lol. Pretty sure if I went through reporting all those images, I'd catch a lot of shit from users for doing that.

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Azrael: Why are you still talking about this? I know far more about it than you do, and you are inventing issues that have never existed.

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Shinku: Question 1: I could ask you the same. Either side is fully capable to stop. I'm simply not one of those who ignore when I'm replied to.
Question 2: It's very pompous-sounding to talk like this when you factually don't know the extent of what someone else knows, especially when what they've said has not been incorrect.
Question 3: What issues are you talking about specifically? I'd like to dissect them.

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Azrael: What you have said IS incorrect however. I literally need to know the laws here, and I keep up to date. You are simply wrong.

You keep talking about reasons for uniforms, pokemon etc. but you are the one who brought these notions. The rules are simple, don't upload them. YOU are the one who invented the reasons as to why, then you get angry that those reasons weren't being applied evenly.

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Shinku: Exactly what notion have I stated that's incorrect? That you can draw a character to be a different age/sex/species than what they are originally? That you can't be tried for looking at a picture of a character that doesn't look like a child within reason?

The girls in this picture are 12-12 and 14-15 -
Would I be convicted for owning or looking at it or other images of a similar vein?

And no, I didn't invent any reasons. Don't try that with me. I'm very skilled at reading into context. The rule literally states "STOP UPLOADING PICTURES OF CHILDREN. The rules are very clear. Knock it off. School uniforms, kids cartoon characters, stop it.", which is very clearly equating school uniforms to children.

Even your reply to me did not contest this fact. You actually tried to defend it by saying "most instances of school uniforms feature kids". If that wasn't the reason to begin with, you would not have gone into that argument to defend it.

As it stands, if I want to post a relevant picture of a DDLC character (of which do actually exist on this site, as I found), and that picture happens to feature the characters in a school uniform, then I will. It can't be deleted, because they're over 18. It doesn't violate the reason why the rule exists in the first place.

As for Pokemon, I didn't invent either of those reasons. You yourself flat out gave the "it features underage characters" reason in this very comment section. And when this issue regarding Pokemon images had been brought up a while ago, a discussion which came from me asking why a Pokemon picture I uploaded was deleted (because the "Post Pokemon to Ychan" note didn't exist at the time), the reason you gave me was because it was bestiality.

I did not invent ANY of this.

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Shinku: Actually, to be fair, the reason you gave me back then was both bestiality and because of Pokemon images featuring children. Regardless of the fact that not all Pokemon images feature either of these, the reason at least did not change. The way I worded it, it sounded like the reason you gave me changed, which it didn't. That's my bad.

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Shinku: Still, regardless of my stance, I've been going through and reporting images that feature characters whose max ages are officially under 18, and looking at each individual image for characters whose age range is between below 18 and above 18, to determine whether or not that character is underage or not in that specific picture. It's not easy, since some of them require quite a bit of research and digging, and paying meticulous attention to their details in the picture to determine what version of them it is.

And if it's a character I don't recognize and isn't tagged properly, I even try to reverse image search to find their identity elsewhere on the net, so I can determine if their age in the picture is safe or not.

And I also look into the context of whether the image itself is softcore or not. Softcore is featured in ecchi anime, which includes showing underage characters completely naked (sans showing genitals) and involving them in lewd situations such as nipple sucking, fondling, implied fingering/oral (but not showing the actual genitals), and other related situations, and can be legally purchased and viewed in the US.
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T00t00: please don’t report stuff just because your butthurt makes you want to burn everything down.
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spurgasburt: You wasted all those innocent pixels over fucking Pokemon?

You've been here for four years, and uploaded less than forty images, but you've commented over five hundred times. Jeezus man, I beg of you STFU and go back to quietly masturbating or whatever you did before you felt the need to write the above paeon to petulance. I can't read that shit without thinking of ACKSHUALLY meme.

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Shinku: Don't you fucking dare tell me not to report shit that should be reported. If you wanna butthurt bitch about it, do that to whoever made those rules in the first place. Not me.

You're basically telling me not to do what our admin just told us we should do. Hell I've barely even actually reported anything. You know how much work that would be? I think I reported like... 12 images. Maybe 20. There's 28 per page and over 7000 pages.

If half of the images do wind up being reported because someone got off their ass and started doing it, that's not my fucking fault. I personally don't give a shit if it's here.

However, if I do see something uploaded that contains content that violates the rules, then I should report it. At least I'm one of those who will go through the effort to research and make sure whether that version of the character is legal before doing anything. I won't blanket report something just because it features a school uniform.

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Shinku: Again, don't blame me that that shit's not allowed here. That's 100% because of the rules. Rules I didn't make. That's why I frequent rule34 (both the paheal and xxx domain), sankaku complex, and gelbooru more. They don't have those restrictions.

And stuff is properly tagged so they're easier to find. This place is good for the active community.

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Shinku: Huh. Well looky at what I found here. Looks like everything here is fine, after all.

"Currently, countries that have made it illegal to possess (as well as create and distribute) sexual images of fictional characters who are described as or appear to be under eighteen years old include Australia, Canada, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. In extreme cases, this includes pornographic depictions of even seventeen-year-olds, or adults where the predominant impression conveyed is of a person under the age of 18 (such as small-breasted women)."

Sources for this information further cited here -

Looks like that shit's not illegal in the US after all. It's why you can legally purchase anime such as To LOVE-Ru and High School DxD. No case can be made against you if you own or look at Sailor Moon hentai.

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Shinku: Not to mention that cons openly sell hentai/ecchi that even features lolicon shit, in full view of cops and everything. It's openly and regularly traded. It's already considered a "victimless crime", but that on top of the character also looking like they're of age even further removes it as a felony. There's no victim and the character doesn't look underage, and it's impossible to determine that the defendant knew the character's actual age to begin with on top of all that.

100% nothing they can do to people in such cases. Only way you'd get convicted is through corrupt court decision (it happens) or if the depicted character actually looked underage.

As such, I'm not even gonna bother looking them up anymore. If they look 18, that's all I'm gonna care about in regards to reporting shit, because that's all the law cares about.
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Nicebreasts: This escalated really quickly

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Shinku: It did when people thought their stuff was gonna wind up all getting deleted, though I wouldn't have the motivation to go doing that even if I wanted to. But after reading up on the official law regarding this topic, and the existence of the practice of openly/legally selling ecchi and hentai that feature such characters, there's not much incentive for us to report anything unless the character actually looks like a child.

Especially when stuff's not always tagged very well, and can be impossible to even find out a character's identity.
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spurgasburt: <<head desk>> You are a machine. I have to say, I do respect your Terminator-like devotion to ferocity and verbosity. But... well, your paragraphs are hard to fap to. So I beg of you. Staaaahhhhhp.

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Shinku: Don't worry, spurg. I am absolutely on your side. Tbh, Pokemon is pretty far down my list of stuff I look at. I just get REALLY angry at bullshit, and when I was told WAY back that the reason they're deleted is because they're underage/bestiality, while seeing tons of vetted underage/bestiality, and especially when some of those deleted images feature neither underage nor bestiality, that's what ticks me off.

Unless a ton of users rise up and start reporting stuff (which seems like most all of the users are against), there won't be an imagepocalypse here. Unless the characters actually look like children, none of us are going to jail for not giving those images the ax lol.

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Shinku: To get back into the sexy shit, anyone here like this image?

Because I payed to have the rest of the images in the set, which feature different poses, expressions, and positioning of the milkers. I wouldn't say they're too similar, and actually prefer some of the others.

There's even an animated one. Been thinking of uploading them for a while.
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Fuckinggirls: I kinda just disappeared for a month and when I come back, this site has erupted into World War 3

What happened?
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Breedinggirl: I think I might report some of the Disney stuff lord-tentacle has been posting. I’m actually going to go through every single user's post and find something against the rules to report and have deleted

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Shinku: @Fuckinggirls, 2 comments above yours is probably the least tl;dr summary lol.

As far as my uploads go, the closest one I have is also an official screencap animation from the anime it's from, which is legal and available on the free market in the US.

Gina Dickenson has smallish boobs, but she's 22 in God Eater, 25 in God Eater 2, and 28 in God Eater Resurrection. The one in my uploads is specifically the 25yo version from God Eater 2.

The others are either of age, or unnamed with no given ages.
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T00t00: Whyyyyyy are you trying to turn this into 4chan, dude, we already have a 4chan
You aren’t fun to mock, you aren’t even good AS A TROLL, this is just annoying
I guarantee that if you stop posting we will forget about you, there is no need for you to do this to maintain cred or a rep or a brand
Just go away
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Hypotoad: whats with all this anger </3 its really distracting from my imagining myself being capture and filled by tentacles :'(

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Udders: Back to the inage: i love how she almost looks shocked at how big her tits are
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