eggs oviposition spider

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  • 08/18/19 - STOP UPLOADING PICTURES OF CHILDREN. The rules are very clear. Knock it off. School uniforms, kids cartoon characters, stop it.
  • 11/15/17 - ABSOLUTELY NO USERS OR IMAGES UNDER 18 :: This includes images set in schools or childrens' cartoons.


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Lord-Tentacle: I think I’m going to stop posting to this site and just hang out in the background for a little while
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spurgasburt: I'm getting there myself.

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Lord-Tentacle: If you want to find me & nicebreasts, I guess we will be hanging out on pornhub, AO3, Hentai Foundry, and R34 triangle. I think I’ll probably continue writing porn for heather

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Lord-Tentacle: We’ll probably be found on those sites listed, several of those porn story sites & f95zone also

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Shinku: If you don't like the strict rules, you should speak up about it. Otherwise, the worst that can happen is an image gets deleted here and there. I looked up some images that would have to be deleted as an act of good faith, but I don't really actually give a damn about the rules. I mean, I care in the sense that I don't upload anything that violates the rules, but other than the 12-20 images that got reported last night, I don't feel much incentive to go out of my way to report stuff.

Especially since often times, most of the pictures don't even have the identity of the character, let alone any way to find out their age. If a character looks old enough, and you don't even know their identity, let alone their age, the idea of you being prosecuted for that is poppycock.

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RaelB: Unless a character is blatantly a child, you have no way to know. Because they're NOT REAL.
'Well that character is 17 in the anime'
'Yeah, but the actor playing them is twenty-two.'
'But it's anime! They're not Real!'

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Shinku: That's pretty much what I said too.

Also fanart is 100% transformative. It's the same as fanfiction. Just because Serena from Sailor Moon is 14-15 in the anime, doesn't mean she can't be drawn to be 18, since she's fictional and people can do that.

Just like you can take Nami, who's 18-20, and draw her to look 10. If you can't draw a 15 year old to be 18, then that would mean you can't draw a 20 year old to be 10. No matter how young you make her look, apparently she's always 20.

Not to mention that their canon ages can be altered too. There have been such changes made for characters when a few series were brought over to the west. None of that shit is concrete, unless they look blatantly underage.

But good luck getting some others to understand that.
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