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Uploader Amelia,
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Breedinggirl: This has to be reported & deleted immediately

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Shinku: Actually, according to the official timeline Hilda is way past 18. The image itself doesn't feature any actual Pokemon, so there's nothing in the image that in itself would fit on Ychan.
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Breedinggirl: Don’t really care if she is 18. This is a character from Pokémon and has to be deleted

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Amelia: @Breedinggirl: Search - pokemon - enjoy
Damn, where have you been all this time?

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Shinku: But the rule says that Pokemon get posted to Ychan (the place for furries, scalies, etc.).

Hilda's not a Pokemon. She's a non-furry/scaly/etc. human.
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kaycichan: If we're gonna go around deleting images like that over petty shit, I'm going back to gelbooru lmao

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Azrael: Actually if she is officially over 18 then that's ok. The point of the rule is to post pokemon to Ychan. This is a tentacle pic, and if she's an adult, then it's fine.

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Amelia: In the picture a girl and tentacles. Why is there no reaction to pictures where pokémon really are?

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Azrael: well there's almost 70,000 images on this site now. The change to not having Pokemon on the site was in response to the current owner taking over, who also runs Ychan which is for furries and pokemon. So the idea is that there's less content overlap. The point of the rule is not 'OMG Pokemon bad delete them all' it's that Weird flaming horses, sentient vegetables, and whatever other weird pokemon stuff there is goes to the sister site. There is a rule overlap in that a lot of pokemon images feature children, and so they get deleted for that reason.

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Shinku: Yeah, Hilda is 14 in Black/White, but she's 16 in Black2/White2. Sun/Moon takes place 2 years after B2/W2, and was released years ago. The new games coming out - Sword/Shield - take place even later, but not sure how much later yet.

But point is, this is all canon. As far as main characters go, Hilda and Hilbert are the oldest and the only ones who are actually 18 or older (unless the main ones in B2/W2 were also 16 at the time). This image definitely shows it. She's up like 5+ cup sizes lol.

You'd think that characters like Red, Blue, and Green would be 18 too, but while Gold/Silver/Crystal does take place 3 years after Red/Blue/Yellow/Green, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald only takes place a year after Red/Blue/Yellow/Green. So not necessarily does every generation actually come after the other. That means while Red would be 13 in Gold/Silver/Crystel, he's only 11 in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

I mean, they MIGHT be, but there's nothing official. It's not known how many years after Red/Blue/Yellow/Green that Black/White takes place.

Unfortunately, the main characters for Black2/White2 - Rosa and Nate - don't have official ages given. By now they'd be 2+ years older officially, but still probably not 18 given how not a single playable character has been shown older than 14 in their debut game, and that's so far only been the case (that we know of) for Hilda/Hilbert. Pretty much all of the others have been 10.
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Hypotoad: If you think it needs to be reported just do it. These big commotions are distracting and ruin the mood :( let whoever the report goes to figure it out

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Azrael: All reports go to me

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Shinku: I don't see a commotion. It's actually good for someone to leave a comment on an image they're not sure about, before they just go reporting it. That way someone who knows if it's ok or not can come in to confirm or deny.

Besides, comments never ruin the mood for me because I'm not looking at them while trying to get off lol. Unless I'm reading/typing an RP, I keep my eyes on the image.
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