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Uploader Amelia,
Tags Tentacle
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Fuckinggirls: This site really needs to start tagging the images better. Because using one word tags don’t help at all when trying to find a particular image when 7 million images have the same tag. At least actually try to put the artist, series, or character name when you post them.

Also, this site REALLY NEEDS A BETTER repost detector. Because it seems like nobody bothers to check for a particular image before they post that particular image. I mean, there a shit ton of reposts on this site that NOBODY BOTHERS TO report.
On second thought, the only people who did those things (that I know of) are breedinggirl, hebic, lord-tentacle, azrael, and possibly some others

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Pentacle_Grape: I'd love to see a better tagging/repost-detection system. While we're at it, putting pictures of the same set together would be great.

Of course, I'm not sure what's even possible if the site's still on potato servers.

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Shinku: Yeah it'd be easier to tell if an image is a repost if stuff was tagged properly, or at least given somewhat descriptive tags.

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Azrael: hey, we're not on potato servers, we upgraded to turnips a while ago.

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Lord-Tentacle: I mean I would continue to post, report the reposts, and just fix the tagging in general if I wasn’t busy between being a college freshman, babysitting nicebreasts' kids and him ;), and writing porn for a friend of mine and just everyday life

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Lord-Tentacle: Actually, I think I might be able to do this on the weekends but beyond that, it’s impossible for me

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The_Mr_J: I try to tags to new pictures when I look at them, but to be honest, I'm pretty lazy. If we came up with a list of popular tags that people wanted to search for, it might make it easier to be sure those tags were used when new posts go up.

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Lord-Tentacle: if anything the suggestion search bar needs to come back which would make things easier to search

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Pentacle_Grape: Yeah, some sort of auto-fill or "Suggested tags" when adding and searching them would be really helpful. It would also help with typos. There's really no reason to have, for instance, a "2Girls" tag as well as a "2_Girls" tag

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Lord-Tentacle: yeah, i'm slowly doing stuff like that while adding necessary tags

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The_Mr_J: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TV1txY6OlKCmeoIw2QMX1b1oRSKB-uiHIaDE7I5MpGo/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to add tags you'd like to see used.
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