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Lord-Tentacle: Description:
Priests of many creeds often undergo difficult ordeals to both demonstrate and reinforce their faith. This is no different for Aurora, who, upon reaching an higher place at her Order, has to face the Trial, like all her sisters before her.
In a secluded alcove beside a subterranean stream, naked and covered in scented oils, she concentrates, maintaining the most complex spell she has access to... meanwhile, a horrible creature and its offspring are slithering towards her. Their cold feelers taste her ivory flesh, savoring its youth, anticipating the warm power inside. She knows what is about to happen and steels herself while allowing the creatures to crawl over her skin; they are part of the Trial, as it has been for centuries. She twitches faintly as her sensitive nipples are enveloped and sucked by cold mouths; diaphanous tentacles slide inside her, violating her most intimate places... now they are everywhere, seemingly endless, cold and hungry.
The parent creature carefully places them all over the young cleric's naked body, its transparent hands feeling, groping, caressing the tender flesh, finding the ideal spots for the young to feed. The multitude finally ends; with a gesture from the elder, they start sucking as one... the very warmth seems to be flowing out of Aurora, her magic hungrily drained by the alien creatures. She feels her lifeforce ebbing, sucked out by a thousand mouths to provide nourishment for the eldritch spawn of a monster from another reality. Somehow, she knows that the spawn are growing bigger; their bodies start changing, fed by her strong energies. Huge protrusions with obscene shapes form in front of them, searching for the warmth between her legs, probing the entrance to her womanhood.

"Was... was this intended to happen?!? Did my sisters have to undergo such shame?!"

Her concentration almost breaks when the cold shaft slide deep inside, but somehow Aurora manages to hold on. She endures the feeling of the hard flesh pounding her, eliciting sensations she wouldn't admit. Her body is responding to the sexual stimulation, hot juices flowing from her vagina. Another tentacle slides inside her anus... again she resists, maintaining her spell, enduring the humiliation. More and more power flows out of her, siphoned by the huge cocks ramming her insides. Other spawn are growing bigger and bigger, bloated with her stolen energy, developing those obscene tentacles... waiting for their moment...
The elder is now participating to the feast, its long mouth sucking one of Aurora's nipples, massaging the huge breast with its diaphanous hand, as if to squeeze every drop of energy from it.

"Is this really a trial? Why are we forced to... nurse these monstrosities?! Why is the Order keeping them secret?"

Keeping desperately hold on her spell with the last shreds of her power, the young cleric endures the horrifying Trial, while she feels her body betraying her... a powerful orgasm is building deep inside...

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The_Mr_J: It's so nice of the Order to use my creations in their Trials. Thanks to all of the ripe young women they feed on, they've gotten so much bigger and stronger, far quicker than I could have imagined.
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