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Uploader spurgasburt,
Tags tentacle_rape
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Shinku: Hold her and suck her dry~
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TSIBP: Man, this website has the creepiest comments I've seen outside of 4chan. Nowhere else even comes close; it's a little impressive, but mostly it makes me feel like I need to shower

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Shinku: https://tentacleRAPE.net

I wonder why that is lol.

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Shinku: Though even outside of hentai/porn, "suck dry" isn't uncommon dirty talk (also known as "the succ") in reference to dick/tit sucking (or the popular milking fetish).

Unless you're thinking of the deadly context, like when a spider dessicates its prey into a shriveled corpse, but that's on you then lol.
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spurgasburt: TSIPB, I just looked at your profile and comments. You've posted nothing, favorited nothing, and roughly a quarter of your comments are expressions of Missus Grundy style concern for moral propriety. This website is called "TentacleRape.net". Did you miss that? Why are you even here if you are so squeamish about the topics and people's responses to it? Are you the sort who wanders into strip clubs and then expresses your shocked mortification about those shameless hussies shaking their breasts in such an unseemly manner?

This place is what it is. Get into it, or find some place more in-line with your own expectations.

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Shinku: I've always wondered that, about people who act like breasts are unseemly. Well, not really wonder, but thought about it. People who seriously act like that I'm 100% positive are just parroting what they're told to think. I've not met a single person who seriously finds breasts offensive in the slightest. The opposite really. The only breasts that have a consensus of being seen as gross are if a man has breasts.

So women are actually the only ones whose breasts AREN'T offensive lol. When you think about it, WHY would they even be offensive? When you truly break it down, what elements about them are offensive, and why do those elements make them offensive?

I always have that thought about people who act squeamish around that stuff. Do they ACTUALLY feel squeamish, or are they only acting like that because they think it's appropriate?

It's a roundabout way of asking "Who are the free-thinkers and who are the sheep?".
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Archanid: Guys and Gals, don’t feed the troll.

Hook them to a suspended harness and let the tentacles feed them instead. That’s what the tentacles are there for.

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Shinku: Wait, let the TENTACLES feed them, or feed them TO the tentacles?

I wanna be clear on this so I know which lever to pull. I marked them myself... while half asleep.

It'll probably be fine.

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Azrael: pull the lever Kronk

- Reply
Shinku: *pulls the wrong lever*

- Reply
Azrael: Wrong lever! why do we even have that lever? *is molested*

- Reply
Shinku: Oh you know why xP

Btw is it really molesting if it's something you're not against having done to you? I think at that point it's just servicing lol.

- Reply
Azrael: couldn't possibly comment...

- Reply
Shinku: Sounds like a plead for the 5th

- Reply
Azrael: 5? at once? or consecutively?

- Reply
Shinku: I actually meant the right to remain silent, though your mind may have defaulted to a more interesting place xP

- Reply
Azrael: yes, I am aware, it was for comic effect.

Enforced silence is far more interesting though...

- Reply
Shinku: Well I mean, 5 tentacles are enough to occupy your nipples and 3 main holes, but really when you think about it like that, 5's like the bare minimum, really. More if we're talking restraints. If tentacles had a difficulty level, Very Easy would start at 5. Easy would be 7 (two for the wrists), then 9 for Normal, and Very Hard would be like 100.

With that mode, a few more may come to help stretch out your holes, and then 11 to give your toes and clit the same treatment as your nipples. But as for the other 70ish tentacles... That's to be discovered xP

- Reply
Azrael: Easy mode start
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