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Tags animated animated_gif Energy_drain Fate/Grand_Order Fate_(series) Mash_Kyrielight milking nipple_latch restrained Shielder
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Shinku: A short story I made for this specific image:

In a dark realm far from reality, Mash Kyrielight finds herself locked in intense combat with an otherworldly creature of unknown power and even more insatiable hunger. Armor completely blown away from countless deadly attacks she's managed to narrowly deflect, she stands naked before the creature.

Smelling her power like an apetizing aroma, the monstrosity carefully studies her. It had never been trying to kill her at all. Its attacks were carefully aimed to purposely expose her - bit by bit - to reveal every inch of her delicate flesh so it could analyze the weakest spot for it to satisfy its hunger.

Identifying its target(s), it zeroed in and struck.

"Ahn!" The surprised Shielder-class warrior cried as the creature's suckers latched onto her nipples. "What kind of attack is... this!?" Her voice faltered as the tentacles began to pulse, the suction already stretching her nipples far beyond what she'd ever felt before.

She tried to reach down to grab her parasitic attackers, but the hungry predator was too fast. Using her initial shock to its advantage, it seized her arms and lifted them above her head, far away from being able to do anything to interfere. Mash struggled to regain control of the fight, twisting and gasping as the powerful sensations assaulted her luscious orbs, but try as she might, she couldn't match the strength of the tendrils that held her, nor could she resist the harsh and even stronger suction which claimed her tender nipples. It felt good... TOO good. The creature devoured them with a demanding pull that shook her very soul.

'It's like it's trying to drain... my very essence...' This fear was becoming a reality, for as the minutes passed like hours and the creature continued its hungry assault, the spiritual warrior's body began to grow warm and heavy. The relaxing sensation caused her to slow her struggles, before stopping completely. Despite her calmer state, she could feel every muscle in her body began to tingle as the tentacles kept sucking.

The more they sucked, the more intense the tingling grew, until her muscles started to burn. It felt like a fire was churning throughout her entire body and flowing into her nipples against her will. She no longer had control of her power! Somehow... this creature was causing it to grow unstable within her, forcing it to flow towards its suckers against her will, directly into her throbbing nipples.

"S-staahn!" The helpless warrior moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as the heat and pressure continued to build up in her tortured buds. It was only made worse by the constant pulling and squeezing, causing Mash to reel as it felt like actual sparks of electricity were crackling FROM her raw erect nipples.

They burned. While it felt good, the pain was becoming unbearable for her. She wanted to cry out for help. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't find her voice. Just as she was nearing her limit, she felt a sharp surge of power erupt from her core, as if a dam had been broken within her. Mash let out a desperate moan, a white flash filling her vision and her body going rigid as an intense stream of rich hot energy squirted from her nipples and into the hungry suckers devouring them, followed by another, and another, and another, and another. Each squirt burned her puckering milk ducts as her power continued to flow out in arrhythmic pulses, forming large bulges that traveled from her perky breasts and into the hungry monster holding her.

"What are... you-ahn~!.. doing... to me..?" The dazed warrior asked through half-lidded eyes. When had they become so heavy? Every sound, especially the loud disgusting swallowing, seemed to echo as it pierced her mind. She felt herself growing dizzy, unfocused. The searing sensation of her divine power flowing through her body and squirting from her tingling milk ducts dominated her senses as the creature slowly drained her essence.

While the unholy soul vore continued, another tentacle wrapped itself around her waist and lifted her up from the pitch-black "ground".

She'd already lost the strength to fight. It was only a matter of time before she'd lose the strength to stand.
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